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ZetaClear Review-

ZetaClear is a topical nail fungus treatment marketed to treat below the nail fungal infections of both the fingers and toes. It is sold with two parts a topical cream and an oral spray. The oral spray component of ZetaClear contains a variety of ingredients. None of which have been shown to eliminate nail fungus. The topical portion which includes an applicator brush can be effective with clear nail regrowth taking up to eight months. We give ZetaClear a treatment rating of 86.5 out of 100 for more treatment.

The ZetaClear is FDA approved.

You’ve got to understand is the products since 1998 about 15 years. So in that time most likely you know well over a hundred thousand people have used this product. It’s still going. So from what I can gather this obviously the product does is going to be working certainly it’s for the most majority of people who use it. It is a homeopathic product with it this is where they dilute various ingredients often many thousands of times to a point where the ingredients are very safe. I consider very safe but also effective and they put together certain ingredients which have been used in these areas before they put it all together into one product which obviously is called zetaclear.

That’s why it seems to be so powerful. That’s how they promote it the product itself is in two parts you’ve got a solution which you put onto the actual nail itself and a spray which you spray under the tongue. And you take these together. Now I’ve seen on some sites people are saying that it’s going to start working within like you know 19 minutes or something ridiculous that’s ridiculous. Please don’t buy this if you’re hoping to you know clear up your fungus problem your now fungus within like 20 minutes because no product is going to do that and this product is not going to do that.

You need to use it carefully and you know it’s going to take you know a couple of weeks of consistent use. That’s from what I gather you’ve got to be you know consistent with it and after couple weeks hopefully your your fungus problem will disappear. There is a money back guarantee so long as you buy direct there is a money-back guarantee 90 days but you need to read the terms and conditions of the guarantee. Make sure you’re fully aware of that.

I think there’s a restocking charge or and I’d be in charge of about twenty-five dollars. You must make sure that you only which you’re only getting your money back on the bottles that you actually returned unopened. So make sure you understand that as well so if you want more information I’ve got set up a website where you can actually there’s a lot more information for you.


HOW TO USE ZetaClear For better results.

ZetaClear’s two step all natural treatment plan is simple and convenient to use. The treatment consists of a 15ml bottle of Clear Nail Solution (topical) and a 30ml Oral Homeopathic Spray.

The topical formula should be brushed onto the nails twice daily. Our nails consist primarily of keratin, a tough, fibrous protein that makes penetration through the nail to the nail bed very difficult, so it’s important to concentrate on the areas surrounding the nail and on the underside at the front of the affected nails. Applied in such a way, the Clear Nail Solution will be absorbed into the nail bed where it is needed.

One to two drops of ZetaClear Clear Nail Solution is sufficient for each nail. It should be applied to clean, dry nails so after bathing is ideal. Just be sure to dry your nails well before applying. If the affected areas is your toenails, wait a few minutes for the solution to dry before wearing shoes.

Used on ten nails, one bottle will last a month. If your nail fungus is only affecting one nail the solution will, of course, last longer. However, since nail fungus is very contagious and can easily spread, it’s a good idea to treat all the fingernails or toenails of the infected area.

When using ZetaClear Oral Homeopathic Spray, rinse your mouth out first or wait for at least twenty to thirty minutes after eating. This way your mouth will be free of any food particles that may hinder absorption. The spray should always be directed under the tongue, as the tiny blood vessels in this area will allow the solution to be absorbed and transmitted quickly into the bloodstream. Used three times daily each bottle will last a month.


Used alone ZetaClear Clear Nail Solution can be very effective in eliminating nail fungus. The addition of the Oral Homeopathic Spray puts ZetaClear way ahead of nail fungus treatments that consist solely of a topical solution.

ZetaClear worked for me and it can work for you, so give it a go. You’ve got nothing to lose but your nail fungus. Best treatment for toenail fungus.


Its contain Undecylenic Acid. This is basically organic fatty acids that has been derived from castor oil. It is considered to be a powerful anti-microbial agent.

Tea tree Oil

This is a very strong antifungal agent originating in Australia. It’s one of the most important elements found in the center clear formula and one of the main ingredients responsible for making it able to cure nail fungus.

Clove Oil

This oil is normally known for its naturally soothing in anesthetic properties. It’s bond also having properties that enable it to be used as a treatment for various infections.

Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass oil is native to Asia and it’s widely acclaimed properties and its properties have been proven through scientific research.

Almond Oil

This is however feeling of entertained could be a common preparation merchandise however additionally as a lubricating substance. Its properties create it ideal for varied cosmetic merchandise in creams that may work as potential clears for ok.


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