Adele’s weight loss

How Adele lost weight ?? Adele’s recent weight loss and as a nutritionist. I wanted to weigh in on my thoughts of how she did it and just you know give you guys a big overview of what’s going on. Recently people started noticing Adele who’s an amazing British singer songwriter gorgeous gorgeous woman, gorgeous voice. she has been getting leaner and they first started noticing it in October of 2019 at Drake’s birthday party. Through vacations and most recently the Oscars after-party with Beyoncé and jay-z.

She revealed a very chiseled face, a completely different body and everyone wants to know how she did it. Was it safe as it healthy? what do you think so here’s the thing she was on a 1000 calorie a day diet drinking a lot of green juices. she’s working out like crazy and you guys guys know I’m gonna say that this is not sustainable. I think it’s fantastic that she wanted to get to a healthy weight. I think it’s wonderful all those things but this approach if she doesn’t start reverse dieting or start slowly integrating calories back to race for metabolic rate there’s going to be significant problems.

so she is 31 years old five foot eight and she’s reported online as being 55 kilos now which is approximately 121 pounds so that was a hundred pound weight loss so she was around let’s say 220. so Now that being said at her current weight 121 five-foot-eight at 31 years old her BMR or her basal metabolic rate is approximately 13 10 calories. so that means just for her to function, just for her brain, for her body, for her organs to function.



She needs 13 10 calories and she’s taking an amount substantially lower than that this also does not account for all of the activity calories which there’s lots of photos of her working out in the gym again she is revealing a leaner physique. She getting you know all kinds of praise for it and this is the problem you guys eating less than your basal metabolic rate is probably one of the worst possible things you can do and this is why we all know that you need to be in a caloric deficit to support fat loss.

However when you go too low in calories for too long something’s going to happen where your body is going to lower your metabolic rate your body is going to produce less of the thyroid hormone and your body is going to slowly lower your energy expenditure. Because your body is trying to get to a place called energy homeostasis now this is going to be a problem because as those metabolism

drops it’s going to be harder for her to sustain this and as a result of that she’s going to need to slowly increase her metabolism. Because if you do a crash diet like this you guys and then you just binge what’s going to happen is you are actually going to gain more fat and it’s going to just be a big mess. So here I recommend that if you have already started a very low calorie diet similar to this I recommend you do yourself a favor and do some weekly refeeds.


I recommend you start reverse dieting out of that because what’s going to happen is when your metabolism is low your body is not going to part with stored body fat and it’s a very big problem another problem with this approach to fat loss is you’ve noticed in her face that she has had a significant drop in like the volume of fat in the skin and when this happens your body can actually lose a lot of like the shape and suppleness to your skin and a lot of people don’t realize that when they’re losing weight they don’t expect that weight loss effect to cause you to actually look older as a result.

If you’re not properly supplementing with connective collagen and things like that which are going to support the growth of connective tissue when you’re losing so much fat which makes your skin look really young and supple and supplementing and taking good care you may end up actually looking older as a result of such a rapid fat loss so guys I do not recommend this approach I think it’s fantastic that Adele was disciplined enough to reach this goal or any other celebrities fat loss weight loss weight gain that you would love some nutrition expertise commentary on you guys.

Step she took to lose weight.

Food diet

Food Diet  is a diet that contains foods high in search winds. They are said to suppress appetite and help regulate the way in which our bodies process fat and sugar. It supposedly activates your quote skinny Jean. (Adele’s weight loss)


Working out

She does to stay fit Adele’s workouts consists of reformer Pilates have a personal trainer that helps her with her exercises. she does a weight lifting and then she also does 60 minute cardio circuits and Pilates.


Basically a lot of the green stuff is for the green juices, the arugula celery apples not some regular tomatoes and some cherry tomatoes, some smoked salmon, ginger walnut avocados , Strawberries. Plan here right now is to start making the green juices. The other thing that I know is gonna be an issue is it’s juice and I don’t have a juicer.

(Adele’s weight loss)

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